Your Hosts

meet the two crazy heads behind the dream


Sebastian Nandryka


The two met in the Azores Island just a few months ago, but they spent countless ours talking on social media before that. 
Their passion for film, art & travel united them around the mad idea to create a unique experience for the wedding industry. They are both wedding videographers with a big heart for photography. It's all about love. 


Ivan Monagas

About the workshop

We strongly believe that that wedding videographers and photographers can learn from each other. We both tell the same story, we just use different vocabulary. There is a ton of photography workshops with just a very few videography ones, and none of them allows you the experience so much like we want to offer you. In our idea you don't just sit and listen to people, but you actually experience them on a more personal basis spending time with them, talking over coffee and cigarettes, relaxing on the beach or surfing! That's the only true way to get into someones head and heart. All you need to do is sign up for this one and only workshop & holiday experience.
This premium experience is for 30 people only - so be fast!