Sculpting With Time is an Emmy award-winning film studio that travels the world telling emotionally raw and powerful stories. With our background firmly rooted in documentary filmmaking, we pride ourselves on our ability to capture the grace and integrity of life’s most powerful and fleeting moments. We’ve had our work recognized by CNN and HBO, and have shown in various Museum Biennials reaching from Hong Kong to San Francisco. Through the years of professional experience that have taken us all over the world, we’ve worked hard to perfect the technique of crafting cinematic and profoundly intimate films.


Some recent accolades include -

2018 Webbys, Best Art Direction, Honoree 

2018 WPPI, Master Award for Filmmaking

2018 WPPI, 1st/2nd Best Commercial Film

2017 WEVA, Best Event Cameraman

2017 WEVA, 2nd Best Event Filmmaker